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Work With Me

Send me an email at kate@kateray.net to discuss your event and work with me to create something beautiful, delicious, and entirely you.

Cooking Classes: Birthday Parties, Team-building Activities, Private Classes

Whether teaching kids or adults, I seek to infuse creativity into all my cooking classes. I offer easily-configurable recipes so that everyone feels comfortable experimenting and still ends up with something delicious.

Small Gatherings & Celebration Meals

I’d be happy to work with you to create a unique meal, party spread, or dessert for small parties of 8 – 20 people. I will incorporate foods that are meaningful to you and navigate any set of dietary restrictions.

Artist Collaborations

I’m interested in working with artists to produce events or physical works. The Book of #veGAN, my collaboration with AI-artist Helena Sarin, was published in 2022 and pairs my vegan recipes with machine-generated vegetable artwork. I co-produced an event called Recompose that brought together classical music and mushroom-based dishes into a multi-sensory meditation on decay and regeneration.

Sample Menus

Case study: A wild May Day brunch for families

To celebrate the spring “wake-up” of Stuy Cove Park, a native food forest in Manhattan, I worked with park caretaker Candace Thompson to develop a menu that incorporated foraged foods into a brunch spread for volunteers and a visiting Girl Scout troop.


Curly dock is a wild cousin of buckwheat and a common weed. These fresh-baked bagels were soft and chewy with a nutty taste.

I made a spread similar to scallion cream cheese by straining local goat yogurt and mixing with foraged field garlic.

This was a creamy cashew-based pesto with spicy foraged greens.

Hazelnuts make for a particularly rich nut butter, which was sweetened with maple syrup.

Case study: A Socially-Distanced Stoop Wedding

During the early pandemic, some friends decided to have a small wedding ceremony and then turn a Brooklyn brownstone stoop into their reception venue. People dropped by throughout the day for champagne and dessert. Since they needed something that could be served individually, I made mason jar tiramisu “dirt cups” with crumbled Oreos and black sesame, garnished with flowers.